Xavier Verdaguer
20 marzo 2015

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Xavier Verdaguer

Founder of Imagine Creativity Center, San Francisco
About the Dreams

In 2000, I had the great fortune to work with Enric Pladevall on Pladevall Virtual Projects, an interesting experiment in which Enric imagined impossible sculptures without technical or economic constraints, and I 3D modelled them in non-realistic environments like the surface of the moon or the side of an erupting volcano. The project ended up in a beautiful exhibition in the Maeght Gallery, Barcelona. For me, seeing those 3D drawings hanging in the Maeght Gallery was already a dream come true.

It has been 15 years since then, but I perfectly remember the day Enric showed me his first Organic Shadow sketch and told me that it was technically such a hard piece to build that it was even going to be hard for me to 3D model. It was really hard. It was not easy for me to model this piece with the 3D software available back in those days, but I managed it in the end. Since then, I have commented to Enric on numerous occasions that, to me, the Organic Shadow was the most beautiful piece of all the Virtual Projects collection, and that one day it would be a dream of mine to see it built.

It has been 15 years since this dream was conceived. My life has led me to live in San Francisco, a city where dreams can come true and where, by the way, I had the honor to welcome Enric Pladevall to my home and enjoy some very inspiring days with him. I love San Francisco and I love Barcelona, two sister cities since 2010, intertwined by the action of the sisterhood committee of which I am a member, its purpose being to promote collaboration between two places that have so many visions in common, including the marine environment and a special sensibility for art and culture.

I must admit that I was very excited when, in one of my recent trips to Barcelona, Enric showed me the mockup of the Organic Shadow. It was a moment I will never forget, in his workshop, in that magical place where Enric builds his dreams with love and effort. That same day he announced that his daughter, Paula, was about to give birth.

The level of excitement was indescribable.

There are dreams that come true, some like Paula’s, where one must wait to find the right person to form a family, others like Enric’s, where one must wait to find the right place and time to give birth to a sculptural piece. Undoubtedly, San Francisco is the ideal place to create the Organic Shadow and this, 15 years after its conception, is the perfect moment for the piece thanks to the maturity of the technique, which makes the project viable now, and because of the maturity of the artist, who is at a magical moment now in his career.

Organic Shadow is a dream that will come true and turn into a symbol that demonstrates that, when you put a lot of love and effort into a dream, it will end up becoming a reality. This world needs works like the Organic Shadow, reminding us that we have to dream, and this world needs men like Enric Pladevall, showing us that we must fight for our dreams.